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Cider tasting and farm experience by the Sognefjord

cidersmaking sognefjorden fimreite odelsgut haug gard


Haug Gard is idyllically located on Fimreite by the Sognefjord, 21km from the center of Sogndal. At Fimreite, one of the bloodiest battles in Norwegian history took place in 1184, where King Sverre and Magnus Erlingsson fought for kingship in Norway.

This battle resulted in several thousand men ending up outside the farm.

A historic and beautiful place with one of the best conditions for fruit growing in the world. ​


Monday-Friday 10.00-20.00

Saturday 10.00-18.00

Feel free to send an text or call before you come:
+4798300400 / +4793050859

cidersmaking gårdsopplevelse sognefjorden sogndal norge fimreite gårdsbesøk frukt bonde


Welcome to this historic and beautiful farm.

We want you to take part in what we think is Norway's most idyllic place. ​


Put your feet on the ground, use all your senses and experience fantastic nature and exciting taste experiences - in the heart of the beautiful Sognefjord!


Hear the birds chirping, breathe in scents from the garden, feel the fresh sea breeze from the fjord and enjoy the delicious flavors of apple & pear in a glass.

You don't have to come to us in nice clothes, be a wine expert or have training as a pommelier. The most important thing is that you are thirsty for new adventures. ​


The farm has something for both young and old; cider tasting, farm visits or create your own event in the barn or boathouse.

Here you can also spend your time on the 500-metre private shallow beach zone, a small playground with a sandbox for the little ones, hiking trips up the mountain behind Fimreite and, not least, take a trip to the farm shop to bring home some of the precious drops.


Welcome to us!


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