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Real handicrafts made only from the best fruit from Sogn

Prized for its exceptional taste and quality, our cider is a genuine favourite.

Apples transformed into pure happiness

Haug Gard is idyllically located on Fimreite along the Sognefjord. Our home is surrounded by majestic mountains that provide a warm climate, and the soil here is a result of the Ice Age marshes, which provide completely unique conditions for fruit production. This lays the foundation for an absolutely unique taste in every drop of cider we produce.

It is true that at the end of September the sun disappears from our skies, and in mid-March we can finally enjoy the first rays of the sun.
You might think that half the year without sun sounds sad, but when the shining sun finally returns, it stays with us from morning until late at night.
These warm sun rays are essential for the fruit to develop into the high quality fruit required to make our precious cider from Sogn.

Fruit growing has been a central part of the farm for several hundred years, and the knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation.
But knowledge and good growing conditions are only part of the equation. No fruit farmer could do without a supportive and helpful family. Mother-in-law Cecilia and husband Rune, in addition to our dear family, neighbors and friends, form an irreplaceable part of Odelsgut Cider.

We hope that you will appreciate our cider as much as we do!
From our garden - to your glass.

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