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ProFruit: Efficient Fruit Production

Your dream of making delicious ciders and juices on a larger scale can now come true!

Vision and Customized Solutions

ProFruit Machinery, a leading force in the transformation of the fruit industry. The vision is to offer innovative machines tailored to your needs, from harvesting to processing and packaging. ProFruit doesn't just represent machines; it is a symbol of quality and efficiency, built on years of experience and technological expertise.

24/7 Support

Alexander, your driving and positive support expert. He is dedicated to your success and is at your disposal both by phone and in person. With a passion to see you succeed, Alexander provides immediate answers and guidance. It is also reassuring to have a local contact here in Norway, as the products are made in Lithuania.

Diverse Customer Portfolio

Regardless of whether you are in the start-up phase, in the thinking process or an established business, ProFruit Machinery has something to offer. With our global presence, we serve a wide range of customers, from small local manufacturers looking to grow, to larger international companies seeking optimization and efficiency. We adapt our solutions to meet the needs of everyone in the fruit and berry industry.

Optimized Fruit Production

Choose ProFruit Machinery because we understand that in today's competitive market, efficiency and productivity are the keys to success. Our advanced machines are designed to increase your production capacity, reduce costs and improve the quality of your products. Makes it easy to make the decision to choose ProFruit for a future of increased efficiency and maximum yield.

Explore ProFruit Machinery and contact Alexander today for tailored guidance to suit your needs.

Pictures from our production room with machines tailored for our specific purpose

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