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An epic journey through generations of flavors & passion

Take part in our story, where family life, love and irresistible flavors come together to create unforgettable moments.

From big city life to the farm's love story

Meet the adventurers behind the transformation of Haug Gard - a place where city life in busy Bergen met its match in the calm embrace of nature. In 2020, we exchanged our hectic city routines for the calm embrace of the Sognefjord, which made Haug Gard our home. Then, in 2022, we took ownership of the farm, a century after Alexander's grandfather took over the farm.

This farm, a precious heirloom passed down through our family since the early 16th century, now finds its guardianship in our hands. Here, in the middle of these historic fields, we aim to create new memories and farm experiences in a truly enchanting setting.

Alexander, Odelsguten, is a lively soul who pours his heart into creating an environment where everyone thrives.

From his youth he spent fruit picking with his grandfather Anders, and got the essence of Norwegian fruit farming. His fascination for making his own beverages ignited early; you could say he brewed his first batch of fruit wine almost 20 years ago with a group of adventurous friends. Their kiwi wine may not have won awards, but the experience sparked a lifelong passion.

Today he continues to learn, guided by the wisdom of kårkallen (father) Rune, who lives on the farm with his wonderful wife Sasiwan.

Alexander juggles the roles of father, farmer and full-time channel manager at Telia Norge with unwavering determination and joy for challenges.

A powerhouse of energy, Cecilia radiates positivity and love that is contagious. On the farm, she is not only mom to three (sometimes four) boys; she is the heart that holds us together.

With skills ranging from design and web development to interior design and marketing, she is the driving force behind the farm's aesthetics and outreach. Her keen eye for detail ensures excellence in every endeavor.

Cecilia is originally from Sweden and is well acquainted with "cider", a sugary drink far from the quality products we make here on the farm.

With Cecilia around us, Odelsgut can count on a constant stream of innovative projects to complete.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we blend tradition with innovation, cultivating a heritage as rich as the fruit in our orchard and as vibrant as the landscape around us.

Our Farming Family: The Haug Collective

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