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Welcome to Well-being at Haug Gard, where we invite you on a journey into balance, healing and intuitive guidance. Wherever you are on your life's journey, my goal is to support you in achieving inner harmony.

An Oasis Between Magical Mountains and the Majestic Sognefjord

When I, Cecilia, moved to Fimreite, I discovered a deeper understanding of my purpose. My unique powers and gifts became not only a personal blessing, but a resource to share to help others.

My task is clear: To assist you on your journey towards inner peace, joy and life energy. I am here to help you find yourself back, dissolve blockages in body and mind, and free you to live from the heart.

My belief that life has purpose and meaning gives me the strength to support you through all challenges on your life's journey. I believe that every moment of adversity brings valuable insights and opportunities for growth.

I am here to intuitively guide you through this, and I believe that when you live in accordance with your heart, life will reveal a new meaning.

Filling your cup first is not just a philosophy, it is a fundamental principle for creating a sustainable balance in your life.

I look forward to supporting you on your path to a deeper connection with yourself and a more meaningful existence.

The balance in life is like a dance between stillness and movement, between listening to the heart and navigating through the world. It is only in the harmony between these poles that we can truly unfold our full potential.

The Chakras, Our Inner Wheels,
Spinning Life's Energetic Patterns

Our body is a complex energy system where life energy flows through us like a river of vitality. When this energy encounters obstacles, we may experience blockages that prevent its natural flow. This results in stagnant energy which, over time, can manifest as emotional and physical ailments.

To achieve your full potential and maintain well-being, understanding and nurturing your energy is critical.

Blockages can occur for various reasons, whether it is emotional trauma, stress or physical tension. When the energy cannot flow freely through the body, our chakras, the energy centers that control our life force, are affected.

Activating the chakras therefore becomes the key to restoring balance. Cleansing, adjusting and activating the chakras gives us the opportunity to release stagnant energy, resolve blockages and create a healthy and harmonious flow of energy through the body.

Oppvåkning soul-voyage sjelereise spiritualitet awakening life livet sjel spirit body mind
Oppvåkning soul-voyage sjelereise spiritualitet awakening life livet sjel spirit body mind

Intuitive Healing with iTeraCare

My healing sessions integrate intuitive insight and the advanced technology of iTeraCare.

Through a personal approach, I use my intuitive abilities to direct the energy towards areas that need attention and healing. At the same time, iTeraCare emits terahertz light waves to support the body's natural frequencies, create harmony and enhance the healing process.

Benefits of Healing with iTeraCare:


  • Energetic Balance: iTeraCare helps restore energetic balance, which can help relieve stress and strengthen vitality.

  • Mental Clarity: The Terahertz frequencies support mental clarity and focus, which can help free the mind from restlessness

  • Spiritual Nourishment: The healing session nourishes the soul, and iTeraCare and me acts as a bridge to deeper levels of spiritual connection.

A Portal to Inner Journey and Healing

Our place is not just a place; it is a portal. A portal to inner journey, healing and transformation.

Here at our farm, we want you to not only have an experience of relaxation, but also a feeling of being at home in yourself.

We invite you to take part in this unique journey, where love and energy merge to create unforgettable moments.

This is more than just a visit; it is a journey to your inner self.

Welcome to our portal of positivity, and let the journey begin.

Oppvåkning soul-voyage sjelereise spiritualitet awakening life livet sjel spirit body mind
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